Sunday, 20 February 2011

The Dark Side

You looked me in the eye
And said “I don’t do sci-fi”
Why can’t you understand
It’s not about Lego or 3D or boxsets

But courage, understanding and love
And how being selfish
Can lead to evil, anger and pain
Shall I explain it again?

I don’t expect you to get it
But I want you to get me
By showing you the meaning
You will know my depth of feeling

You see an obsession
A man/child regression
But without it I’m lost in space
With no North Star to guide me.

(Written for the One Stop Poetry Sunday Darth Vader Challenge)


  1. You looked me in the eye
    And said “I don’t do sci-fi”

    immediate movement !'s now humanized and the rest tells of a tender request...nice take

    Peace, hp

    my mind went elsewhere

  2. those first two lines are strong and powerful/statement made...and then you go very gentle from there..good write libby

  3. tight and right so very often.

  4. Here here...the lego sets and bumff are all a parody of the original trek lego for the ds? oh my...

  5. ...obsession,man/child regression.i hear the snaps at a dark coffee house.clever write!lost in of my favorites!

  6. Loved this Libby. It flows so well and with every turn (of phrase) there's a surprise. I've said before with each poem of yours I read your voice is more distinctive and asserts it's own unique qualities!

  7. "Shall I explain it again?"
    You had me feeling like a child being scorned.
    "A man/child regression"
    And before long confirmed my feelings forewarned.
    Great writing!

  8. I like the firm, steady, but quiet voice that comes clear in this one. The sincere and deeply felt request for understanding is only underlined by that voice.