Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Tour de France Prologue

Rotterdam rain
Road damp and greasy
Slippery city streets
Cavalier descent
Gravel and debris
Surface sketchy
Narrow twisty section
Blind bend
And tightening
Broad sweeping curve
Spinning back wheel
Losing traction
Slammed into barriers
Slipped out from bike
Over painted lines
Badly cut lip
Broken right thumb
Torn muscle in left thigh
Blood on the tarmac


  1. whew...cycling is serious business...esp when they take a fall...can be rathr exciting though...very nice one shot

  2. I don't know if you're a cyclist, but this gets close to what can happen in thr pro tour, where the risks are high and the margin for error is very slim. Very good job.

  3. Vivid imagery. Love the fragmentary nature of the poem.

  4. Wonderfully intense imagery. Cycling is definitely not for the faint of heart! Nicely done.

  5. No words wasted here. Excellent descriptions.

  6. This would be a great intro for a spoken word piece... Your lines come hard and fast, like the cyclist as they come down that hill, round that curve..

    thanks for sharing a god One Shot!!!

  7. Wow, this is like experiencing the race ourselves! This is not a small feat to accomplish, so very well done!

  8. Poets follow the Tour, too!

    Actually, this is such a good description of a fall and road rash (among other things) that I suspect there's some cycling in your blood.

  9. Having torn my anterior cruciate ligament & fractured my wrist within the last year, this brings it all back to me & makes me question my sanity & why I hurtle around on something with wheels no thicker than a ladies heel. Thanks.