Tuesday, 26 October 2010


The door opens into your world
A dark and private place
Whirring noises
Small square window
Reflecting light
I stumble over words.

I want to see your scar
Tentatively you show me
Our heads bent together
In quiet contemplation
I touch the place the knife went in
It feels awkward yet close.

Then the first reel clicks
The audience demands
You attend to the machines
I take a step backwards
I stand there beside you
Watching your hands.


  1. Intimate interplay with cold mechanism, with a few striking lines the "scars" and "knife" imagery.

  2. Unexpected ending
    Great imagery here

  3. nicely done...i have a few scars...the end leads me to believe it is a play...so intinate between the two though...nice one shot!

  4. Oh you know I flashed on oh so many movies - starting with THE LAST METRO - moving on to INGLORIOUS BASTERDS and coming to a full stop at one of my all time favorite movies CINEMA PARADISO. How cleverly you wield your words to make my breath stop at the place the knife went in. You're becoming quite the poet, our Libby! Good work. Thanks. Gay

  5. "It feels awkward yet close..." Wonderful. Nice One Shot. Love and Light, Sender

  6. Aloneness/togetherness ... approach/avoidance ... ambivalence ... your poem really did it for me. An intimate/private moment ... an I-Thou moment beautifully sandwiched between the first & last verses of your poem. Projection in a filmic context ... & projection as a sense of admiration/respect that you have for this person ... & perhaps s/he has for you? I could say so much more. Thanks for sharing, Libby.

  7. Dear Libby

    Beautiful imagery and I could almost stumble myself over those words... I like it. thanks for sharing..

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay
    Blog: http://shadowdancingwithmind.blogspot.com

  8. Small square window reflecting light...

    ...your poem is like this, the open door into a very private place, where we catch just a glimpse, enough to make us want to know more. :)

  9. I'm dating myself here, but i can almost hear the whirring of the projector. Nicely done, Libby. :-)

  10. Knives, scars, life moments, everyday occurrences, and deep titular meanings.

    Amazing job. =3

  11. Read it as a poem of devotion. Wanting to heal one hurt severely. "Reflecting light" love how those two words prompt change in the piece. Nice write!

  12. I like the clinical detachment about this poem. The watcher makes it even more visual!

  13. i really liked the chillingness to this....and then the warmth in the end...great one shot