Saturday, 23 April 2011

The boy in year 12

You came to see me
And didn’t look up
You stared at the floor
Found a fascination
With your shoelaces.

You asked could I help
You’re not good at writing
Never have been
Have it in your head
Can’t get it onto paper.

I tried to listen
And help in some way
Like pieces of a puzzle
Each day little by little
The words started to flow.

You told me about your brother
No one mentions it at home
You sit in your room
On the Playstation
Can’t seem to concentrate.

I just saw you in the corridor
You shrugged a small glance
I heard you’re leaving soon
But I will hold on hope
That you can make it out there.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Log in, status update
Time to put on my smiley face
I have 500 friends or so
(And some of them I even know)

I poke, I post, I chat with folks
They think I’m happy (almost)
There’s nowhere else I’d rather be
(As they say - the sun always shines on TV)

So how do I tell them just how I feel?
I’m connecting with people but it’s not real
How do I say ... “My life’s undone,
And I often don’t talk to anyone”.

I feed my sheep and cows in Farmville
And order myself some happy pills
I promise a friend we’ll meet up soon,
But I haven’t seen her since last June.

I “like” your photos, I “like” your link
I like anything that means I don’t have to think
I’ve no direction at all, no guiding light
Just the mouse, the screen and me tonight.