Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Log in, status update
Time to put on my smiley face
I have 500 friends or so
(And some of them I even know)

I poke, I post, I chat with folks
They think I’m happy (almost)
There’s nowhere else I’d rather be
(As they say - the sun always shines on TV)

So how do I tell them just how I feel?
I’m connecting with people but it’s not real
How do I say ... “My life’s undone,
And I often don’t talk to anyone”.

I feed my sheep and cows in Farmville
And order myself some happy pills
I promise a friend we’ll meet up soon,
But I haven’t seen her since last June.

I “like” your photos, I “like” your link
I like anything that means I don’t have to think
I’ve no direction at all, no guiding light
Just the mouse, the screen and me tonight.


  1. ha. i gave up FB a few months back...i get the need to not have to think though...and play among relationships that are only screen deep...

  2. I hope it's far from the truth, but it is very well constructed, and the rolling gives it just the character of faux-happiness it needs to make the point even better. A good poem in my book.

  3. i like this poem...it speaks volumes about how we just never get around to making those precious contacts we so dearly need...names and faces quickly appear and fade off the screen before our lives...i enjoyed the rhyming as well, very natural and just in the right places to give your lines the punch they needed to express your feelings so very well...thank you for this one!!

  4. I LOVE this! So honestly true and refreshing, about not always being happy, but putting on that smiley persona.

    I think I've about 200 FB friends, almost all I do know in person (100 relatives in Canada.) But I'm only on about 5 minutes a week. But I'm thnking of getting up to maybe 10!

  5. I like the honest authentic sound of your poem. It touches a nerve. Very nice writing.

  6. it is a crazy world, fb is. this was both fun and sad. enjoyed :)

  7. Ah.. straight from the heart, and about the crazy FB world as well :) a mixture of sadness and enjoyment greets me as I read!

    My One Shot Wednesday

  8. A perfect observation of Facebook and beautifully laid out in words.

  9. Wonderfully concise and sensual, Love it!

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