Saturday, 19 February 2011

Poem for Julie

She asked nothing of me
But I owe the world to her
Now I’m left without my friend
I don’t know which way to turn
My right brain has flooded my left
I can feel it all through my skin
It’s a feeling of lightness and weight
It has really begun to dig in
My body shakes with a life of its own
I hold back the tears at the smallest thing
I don’t understand anything anymore
I just want to scream out
It’s not fair.

Poem by Libby written in 1995. Julie and I used to work together in London and she died of a rare form of cancer at the age of 37. Writing this poem somehow helped.


  1. Her from onestoppoetry link up.

    Absolutely - poetry was like a tranquilliser for me when I was younger - I write all sorts now though and it all has the same kind of effect. The psychologist in me would say its a simple example of refocussing your attention away from the hurt/anxiety. But I prefer to think of it as a cathartic conversation with my soul. I suppose that's the poet in me.

    This is a wonderful expression of a terrible hurt. Shah. X

  2. Only poetry can capture deep emotion in a few words. And you did it.

  3. thank you for looking back and bringing this poem to the very well expressed and even though this is over 15 years ago, the friendship obviously is still very much missed...back in 1995 i was still working in London too....yes today is going to be a reflective one..all the best Pete

  4. I want to scream with you. The love for your friend shines through your words.

  5. Very moving. Presents the grief you were dealing with clearly. Thanks for sharing it.

  6. aw. what a beautiful tribute. that is so very wrong. thank you.

  7. I started with a smile, seeing the two photo's and the first few lines, then my feelings turned and I cry. So sorry for your loss no matter how long ago it was.

  8. This is sad, and very expressive, beautiful

  9. I started writing poetry because it was good therapy. I still feel that way. Your poem here captures a deep sense of loss and hurt. Yes, there is catharsis here, but also the ability to express what many could not and might never be able to do. That is a gift,


  10. This is a wonderful poem in many ways but particularly how it puts into words the feelings we have all felt with an unjust loss. Thanks for sharing your heart, letting that "right brain flow into the left." What an awesome way to say it! And I also offer sincere condolences for the loss...