Friday, 17 September 2010

The Opposite House

There’s been a death in the opposite house
Family members have taken time
To rip out all the furniture
And throw it in a skip.

Maud was the little old lady
We hardly knew her at all.
Now what represented her life on earth
Is piled outside her front door.

Anything valuable they decide to keep
Or maybe Oxfam can pick through it
I see the look of relief all around
As they make one final trip to the tip.


  1. Oh I really like that, Libby! Really good imagery. Like the contemplative mood and movement of the poem... nice ending...

  2. That was very affecting. It wasn't quite like that when the woman next door died. I saw flowers being delivered. She died quite unexpectedly. But for this woman, so sad, to be the last one alive and to die alone. You capture that scraping up of what's left .. no one remaining who really cares. Well written, Libby. Thanks.

  3. Nice, succinct view of suburban(?) life - strong images, to the point, the best kind o' poetry.

  4. Hi Robin and Gay, thanks for the feedback and for both being so supportive Libby x

  5. Hi Steve Thanks for reading and the feedback Libby

  6. wow. this one kinda struck me...the tearing out of what she had and piling it out front...and the relief felt a tthe last time...emotive pice. nice one shot.

  7. we are nothing but dust in the rain..few things packed in front of a door..yeah, wish we all see it as eventually sprinkled ashes, only our deeds and scented menmory would remain..:)

    great one shot Libby, as always you pick tough topics gently handling them with talented brush..well done :)

  8. Your poem hits home. Some people are scavengers who will pick a home clean before the body goes cold. A sad truth you express through well-crafted lines.

  9. so sad when someone dies just in the opposite house and no one knows hardly knows her…sad feeling in your poem -well written

  10. Very nice and I loved the way you have painted the picture...

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    Om Namah Shivaya
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  11. so true... aren't people heartless scavengers? and no respect....very well said...pete