Friday, 13 May 2011

Prisoner of Azkaban

You whispered in my ear
“Is that Sirius Black?”
“No” I replied, “that’s not him”
“Who is it then? “
“That’s Professor Lupin”

But you insisted
“Is he Sirius Black?”
“No that’s the bus driver”
“When’s Sirius Black coming on? “
“I don’t know, wait and see”

“Is that Sirius Black?
“No, that’s Dumbledore”
(I mumbled back)
“I want to see Sirius Black”
“Yes I know”

“I like Sirius Black”
“Wait who’s that?”
“That’s Snape.
I think he’ll be on soon”
“So WHERE is Sirius Black?”

Then we get to see him
(Sirius Black at last)
“Is THAT Sirius Black?”
“Yes that’s him”
“Oh no - he scares me”


  1. Lol I've been to the cinema with a six year old...this is exactly what it's like!

  2. haha...this was delightful only in as much as i have shared the pain of that

    "dad, can we go.."


  3. Giggle, I soooo relate to this!

  4. Ha! Great. Yes, I've worn this t-shirt too.

    Henry Clemmons - Surviving Picasso

  5. Ah, we fell in love with Sirius in the books and sometimes casting fell short of our idea of what Dumbledore, ummm I mean Sirius should have looked like. Well we're still arguing here about who should have taken over for Richard Harris. Michael Gambon not suited to almost anyone's taste it seems. I always wanted Peter O'Toole and his sparkling blue eyes. It seems JKR wanted John Gielgud. Ha!

  6. Oh completely forgot to mention how adorable your poem is and it isn't just children (it's your date!) who keep asking you questions in the movie. :-)

  7. Great write. it captured a common frustration very well.

  8. Read the books, haven't seen the movies. Someday. Thanks, it's fun.

  9. ha! This is brilliant! Loved it :-)