Saturday, 4 December 2010

Friday Morning

Venturing outside
Frosty reception awaits
A nip in the air

My feet feel their way
Crystal snowflakes tumble down
My eyes gaze skywards

The windscreen wipers
Make the shape of angel wings
On the frozen glass

With hope I peer out
Through a small hole in the ice
In perishing cold

Before the white snow
Is tarnished and turns to slush
I take a deep breath

The red orange glow
Of a tequila sunrise
Will show me the way


  1. Tequila sunrise nice touch brings warmth and tropics to the frigid scene. Liked it.

  2. Great reflection on a cold hopeful morning
    great flow to this piece

    thanks for sharing with One shot - stay warm Libby

    Moon smiles

  3. It does have a nice flow and with haiku that's not easy!

  4. What a beautiful morning...this is wonderful awesome one shot! :-)

  5. I love the angel wings on the windscreen/windshield!

  6. Libby, nice work! And like booguloo mentioned, very impressive to do all that in haiku and stick to the traditional 17 syllables. Cool! (Yes, I actually counted...that's my rhythmic-nerdy side coming out). ;)

  7. beautiful imagery...I was taking a deep breath with you!

  8. This would be perrrfect with a picture next to it. Sorry it is already perfect... it's just that I love them to go with my words...
    Great One Shot
    Glad I stopped by

  9. This made me smile. Thanks for sharing. Nice one shot. Love and Light, Sender

  10. I really liked your phrase "perishing cold" - so apt! And the snow angel wipers too!

    Nice One Shot, Libby!

    (Have another Tequila Sunrise on me!)

  11. Very beautiful Libby...those short poems pay off when they form a set! This was natural and easy, but clever too with the fresh touches you always add to things. Wonderful write! Gay

  12. Thank you all for the kind feedback x

  13. Great solid imagery, with an effective, feel-the-alcoholic-glow/color finish. :)

  14. Snow angels, cold mornings, lovely described! I like it!

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  16. Venturing outside
    Frosty reception awaits
    A nip in the air

    magical opening, so delicate writing, keep rocking..
    love your soaring talent here.

  17. You captured the beauty of winter! Loved this image as well!

  18. This is so very good. I love the last stanza, which does what all good poems do. Remember Frost's "But I have miles to go before I sleep"? Very similar. I sure hope you're writing every day, or at least not waiting for "inspiration."